Integration of Advanced Methodologies for the Improvement of Flood Resilience in Urban Areas


Marconi project has as overall objective to improve the resilience of urban areas against the occurrence of floods. To do this, new methodological approaches will be applied in order to enable realistic characterization of uncertainty in risk analysis. Likewise, during the risk assessment process the subjective component of the analysis will be considered, which is as a result of the perception that society has about risk. To ensure the reduction of vulnerability, while improving resilience of urban areas, management measures will be developed both structural and nonstructural, and based on cost-benefit analysis.


Jornadas divulgativas

Jornadas divulgativas sobre los estudios de inundaciones en Venero Claro y en Navaluenga

Lancaster University, UK, 4-7 July, 2017

The MARCoNI project has participated in the Spatial Statistics 2017 Conference. Carolina Guardiola presented a poster communication dealing with how spatial statistics can help to improve flood risk perception

Oviedo, 3-7 July, 2017

The MARCoNI project has participated in the III National Congress of Psichology. María Amérigo presented …

Lisbon, 19-21 June, 2017

The MARCoNI project has participated in the 26th Society for Risk Analysis-Europe (SRA-E) Annual (Conference/Meeting)…

May 26, 2017

The new Air Survey Service of the Geological Survey of Spain has developed some aerial works…

May 25, 2017

A one-day fieldwork visiting several archaeological sites with palaeoflood deposits has been carried out…

May 23, 2017

The first data coming from the ‘Peña Parda’ duplicate rain gauge has been readen out. It will enables to…

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